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Our Gearbox Refurbishment and Reconditioning department provides a complete and fast , reliable service and because the parts can be made in house, down time is kept to a bare minimum.

We at Nu-Gears are proud of our efficient and fast turnaround combined with the high quality we achieve every day for our customers.

We specialize in units that have become obsolete or unobtainable ,capable of bringing the units back to there original condition and all with our 24 hr service if needed .

Repair of any type and brand of industrial gearbox

We can repair all types of drive units including:-

  • worm and worm wheel
  • helical
  • bevel
  • spur and sprocket
  • We also repair variable speed units including:-
  • hydrostatic
  • ball
  • chain
  • planetary
  • belt and cone

The list is endless to the units that can be repaired .below are some of the units that have had the expertise of our services .

For more information contact us on 0121 328 0660 to discuss your requirements.