Refurbished & Reconditioned Gearbox Repairs

At NU Gears Ltd we provide a reliable refurbished and reconditioned gearbox repairs service in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. We understand a number of issues can occur with a person gearbox so our refurbished gearboxes department provides a complete, fast, reliable service that is performed all in-house.

As one of the leading local engineering companies, our goal is to reduce downtime to a minimum resulting in a quick and efficient lead time. Therefore ensure the refurbished gearboxes are returned to our customers as soon as possible.

We Work With Many Industries Including:-

Automotive, Food, Packing, Plastics, Dairy, Mining, Quarrying and More.









Reconditioned Gearbox and Gearbox Repairs

At Nu-Gears we take pride in our high degree of care and quality as well as our high-speed turnaround. Our refurbished gearboxes and gearbox repairs are not only repaired to the highest standard but checked for quality of repair also allowing us to stand out from the crowd compared to other local engineering companies.

Gearbox Repair 

The start of the gearbox repairs process begins with one of our specialist technicians disassembling the gearbox in question. Each gearbox repairs component is stripped for cleaning, grading and inspection. Each part of the gear during the gearbox repairs is meticulously inspected and will be disregarded and replaced where it is required. The gearbox repairs will fit the gearbox with new bearings, seals and gaskets replaced with brand newer components and they are then reassembled.

We strive every day to provide our customers with the highest level of service from our main engineering and fabrication facility in Birmingham.

Gearbox Refurbishment

We specialise in gearbox units that have become obsolete or unobtainable and use our knowledge for the gear cutting and machining industry to perform reliable gearbox reconditioning and gearbox repairs.

Our expertise and high skill set allow us to bring units back to their original condition as refurbished gearboxes. Although they are refurbished gearboxes our quality control and high standard make them as good as new!

Gearbox Repairs
Gearbox Reconditioning
gearbox repairs in birmingham
gearbox repairs in birmingham

Specialise in all types of Gearbox repairs and Drive Units

Allspeed, Alphadrive, Battenfeld, Bauer, Benzler, Bonfiglioli, Boston, Brevini, Camco, Carter, Cincinatti, Conedrive, David Brown, Electropower, Fenner, Flender Henschel, Heynau, Higearm Holroydm Lenze, Leroy Somer, Morse, Motovario, Nord, Otto Mills, Opperman, PIV, Rossi, Renold, SEW Eurodrive, Siti, STM, Stober, Sumitomo, Tandler, Thyssen, Vogel, Others

Experts in variable speed units and large extrusion units.

Industrial Gearbox Repairs Include:-

Worm & Worm Wheel, Helical, Bevel, Spur and Sprocket

Worm & Worm Wheel



Spur and Sprocket

We can repair nearly all gearboxes and drive units.

Do not hesitate to contact our efficient team of specialist who have through there experience achieved a wealth of knowledge on all refurbished gearboxes and gearbox repairs related incidents and practices to be able to provide an all-inclusive, bespoke and reliable services meeting all the customer's needs and specific requirements.

Signs That Your Gearbox Needs Repairs

Postponing or delaying needed gearbox repairs should never be an option as problems with your gearbox could be fatal to the vehicle. It is important to know what to look out for and any subtle signs or indicators that may be pointing towards a required gearbox repair for your vehicle.

 But where do you begin? Not many people know what to look or listen out for to try to see if there is a problem with your gearbox. This can be a real issue and can lead to a pretty substantial repair bill If left unnoticed. Listed below are a number of things that is your vehicle is showing the sign of could show you have an issue with your gearbox.


Dashboard Warning Lights:

If any of the emergency lights on your dashboard are illuminated you should get your vehicle checked by a professional immediately. If you noticed the transmission temperature light is showing this could be a problem outside the gearbox and would require repairs.


Leaking Fluid:

One of the most obvious signs that you have a gearbox issue is the appearance of fluid under the car mostly caused by a leak. Transmission fluid has a very distinctive red colour and if present the vehicle should be taken to a professional mechanic for repairs.


Loud Audible Noises:

If you suspect you could have an issue with your gearbox you should listen out for some quite distinctive noises which are an indicator that there is a problem. Can you hear a knocking noise whilst changing gear? Or a banging and rattling noise when moving the neutral? These are all signs to listen for which could indicate you have loose gears and parts in the clutch which require repair.

gearbox repairs in birmingham
gearbox repairs in birmingham

Variable Speed Unit Repairs Including:-





Hydrostatic, Ball, Chain and Planetary.

Want To Find Out More?

If you are interested in reconditioned gearbox repair or have a question about any of the precision engineering services our expert specialist team of engineers provide here at NU Gears please complete the contact form below or call us now on 0121 328 0660 or 07973335116

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Engineering Services Provided Include:

Machine Services Birmingham


Our engineering department is geared up for all your emergency repairs to worn, broken and damaged parts.

gearbox repairs

Gear Box

Our refurbishment and reconditioning team provide a fast, reliable service to minimise dowdowntime

Gear Cutting

We are proud to have one of the best names in the gear cutting industry working on every type gear available including specialist gears.

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Hydraulics & Pneumatics

We provide a full reconditioning service at the highest industry standards repairing all types of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

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Plastic Extrusion Units

We can service and maintain equipment providing a full breakdown and repair service for a wide range of plastic extrusion units.