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Hydraulic and pneumatic systems are complex things. If one breaks, it can feel like a daunting, and potentially expensive, situation.

NU Gears are a specialist precision engineering company, boasting expert engineers with the skills and years of experience to provide high-quality reconditioning services for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

If you’ve been wondering if there is hydraulic repair near me? Then wonder no longer. NU Gears are based near central Birmingham and are a trusted business for local customers. We build strong working relationships across Birmingham and the West Midlands, so please get in contact today if you need hydraulic or pneumatic repair.

We take great pride in our excellent customer service. Here at NU Gears, we ensure that when a problem is fixed, it will stay fixed. Meaning that during repair work, we also perform maintenance checks in order to prevent potential future issues, saving you time and money.

Whilst it is very likely that our team will find a solution, even if a hydraulic is beyond repair, we will still investigate what went wrong to ensure the same doesn’t happen with your new system.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs West Midlands

NU Gears offer repairs to Hydraulic cylinder shafts and bodies, as well as re-chroming and honing services.

Re-chroming is the process of grinding the current chrome back to its original specifications. This is a more cost-effective method rather than simply replacing it. Re-chroming improves abrasion resistance and friction reductio1n, and can be applied to numerous hydraulics.

Honing involves tools and abrasives, for instance stones or diamonds, which are rotated under pressure to create a pattern on the cylinder’s surface. Honing is usually required after oil leaks, which are a significant sign that a hydraulic cylinder is broken, and ensures a smooth, secure surface which increases longevity and performance.

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If you have any questions about NU Gears’ hydraulic and pneumatic repair, contact us on 0121 328 0990 or 07973335116. If you want to get a quote, please fill out the contact form below.

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