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If you are searching for ‘engineering companies near me’ or precision engineering Birmingham look no further than NU Gears. We have been established for over 10 years gaining experience across the industry offering numerous precision engineering services in the local area and across the heart of Birmingham. Our capabilities to supply a customized service no matter what the engineering issue or gear repair required is made easier by the extensive techniques our prolific expert team have mastered. NU Gears techniques and services include machining, gearbox repair, plastic extrusion, welding and many more.

By combining a well-equipped machine shop, with an engineering and fabrication company unit, gear cutting facilities, industrial fitting workshop and a specialist expert team, we are able to offer a comprehensive and effective precision engineering Birmingham service applicable across and variety of different sectors. 

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Choose NU Gears For Precision Engineering Birmingham?

NU Gears have spent years developing and perfecting there precision engineering services to be able to offer a great range of engineering services. With our specialist, highly skilled team we can create any parts no matter how high specifications on your request and to any specific requirements, measurements or capacity that you need. With high precision machinery and computer technology, any part can be created by our expert engineers through the wealth of knowledge they have gathered working with different techniques and technology. Rest assured you can be confident with us that you will get high quality, accurate and reliable bespoke precision engineering Birmingham service. 


NU Gears have earned our reputation in the gear cutting industry from numerous years of hard work as one of the most popular precision engineering Birmingham companies. We can provide bespoke engineering services such as gear cutting to meet to highest standards in precision, technology and skill. In order to do this, we ensure we work with as many industries as possible including automotive, food, packing, plastics, dairy, mining and quarrying. However we are not limited to these so if you cannot see your industry on here, do not hesitate to contact us as one of your ‘engineering companies near me’ Birmingham on 0121 328 0660 where one of your experts will be able to answer any queries you have.

The Advantages of NU Gears Precision Engineering

Precision engineering is one of the most vital fields in this industry and that is due to the numerous benefits that this advanced technology provides, not only for a company but for the client also. The precision engineering method stands out in its field as it is the only technique capable of handling the ever-growing demands of technology for finer detail and increased accuracy all while simultaneously keeping up with the requirements of mass production.  Further benefits to keep in mind when looking into precision engineering Birmingham include:


Reduced Waste

Precision engineering utilises the expensive materials used leaving less scrap to be disposed of making it a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach 


Fast and Productive

For businesses who required quick turnaround time, precision engineering can change the way of your production. Compared to manually operated machines precision engineering is much more effective and efficient potentially reducing lead times by 70%.


High-Quality Components

Precision engineering uses a certain degree of accuracy that is unrivalled by any machine in the industry today due to its minimalist opportunity for human error. This allows NU Gears to produce the very highest standard of components with an outstanding level of detail and accuracy.

Engineering & Reconditioning Services

Gear cutting

Precision machining



Gear Cutting and industrial gearbox repairs in Birmingham

Types Of Gear Cutting



Internal Gears




Worm and worm wheels

Please note: we are not limited to these types of gear cutting services.

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